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Senior Design Thesis 

My senior project was an audio experience housed on a website that represented my feelings on change. It was an exploration of how to make something people can experience from the comfort of their home.

You can visit the site here

Process Work: teacups 

When starting this project, I knew I wanted to focus on the feeling of change and the effect it can have on people. This was during the height of covid and so much was changing rapidly, I felt I couldn't keep up. It made me think about the teacup I used every day. It holds sentimental value to me and connects me to my family since my mom bought it for me when I was little. During this tumultuous time, I felt comforted by my teacup. This idea made me think about how items can be significant in the process of change.

Change cup-03.jpg
Change cup blue-05.jpg

Early postcard graphics 

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 3.png
Artboard 6_4.png
Artboard 6_3.png
Artboard 6_2.png

I became inspired by items that held importance to people and used them to guide the narrative in the audio experience. I took photos of the important items and edited them into a pop art style. These graphics were used in a postcard activity in the audio experience. 

Building the Website 

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.21.31 PM.png

I wanted the website to be intimate, so I used dark colors and designed it to feel like an experience itself. Once you enter the website you get to choose what kind of audio experience you want to listen to, one about accepting change or an audio experience about growing from change.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.21.46 PM.png

Graphic layout for the senior thesis book


Positive Feedback

Artboard 3.png

When I finished the project, I sent the website to all of my family and friends. I did not expect the extremely positive feedback I received from people. I had many people respond saying they got emotional during the audio experience and it helped them process change in their life. I was initially anxious to record my own voice for the audio experiences, but in the feedback I received, many people said my voice was soothing and helped the experience. 

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